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Chapter 1 What is TeX and Metafont all about? 

An abbreviated version of a paper presented by Kees van der Laan at nluug (the Dutch Unix users group) meeting of 2 November, 1993. BLUe stands for `my innocent user and relative of Ben Lee User of the TeXbook'. Nowadays we would say `Beginning LaTeX User'. Published in MAPS 93.2 (revised May 1995)

A survey of TeX, its flavors, and its twin sister Metafont, within the context of Electronic Publishing, is given.

   1.1 Introduction
      Conventions and notations
   1.2 TeX etc. tools
      Working environments
   1.3 Importance
      The advantages
   1.4 TeX's flavors
      In summary
   1.5 TeX's drivers
   1.6 TeX and fonts
      Outline fonts
      Font markup
      Which fonts can be used with TeX?
      And what about color?
   1.7 Descriptive markup
   1.8 TeX and its author
   1.9 TeX and its users
      The user groups
   1.10 TeX and the publishers
      The American Mathematical Society
      The American Physical Society
   1.11 TeX and other Electronic Publishing tools
      TeX and intelligent editors
      Wordwhatever and TeX?
      Troff or TeX?
      SGML and TeX?
      SGML and Hypermedia?
      TeX within the context of Electronic Publishing
   1.12 Trends

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