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Chapter 9 TeX support 

Because TeX is not a commercial program, but completely free, there is no official support person that will help you in case of trouble. This may seem like a serious drawback, but can also be regarded as an advantage.

All over the world TeX users have formed a network of user groups on an informal basis. These user groups consist of enthusiastic TeX users who share their problems and solutions with anyone who wants to join the TeX community. They usually communicate through electronic mail (E-mail for short) and often produce a printed periodical with contributions from members.

The periodicals and discussions on E-mail are essential for users who want to be informed about the latest developments. E-mail is important for getting information on, e.g., what is the newest version of program x, where do I find a macro for problem y, how do I install program z. For this purpose, a list of frequently asked questions (`FAQ') is maintained, and is distributed regularly.

On the second CD-rom you will find lots of additional information such as `FAQ's, courses on TeX/LaTeX in several languages and documentation on TeX related software.

   9.1 TeX user groups around the world
   9.2 Mailing lists
   9.3 4TeX Support
   9.4 Bulletin Boards
   9.5 File servers
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