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Preface to the 4th edition of the 4allTeX CD-rom 

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce to you the fourth edition of the 4allTeX CD-rom.

When this project was started back in november 1993, nobody dared to envision the success this CD-rom has become. Back then we were afraid we would not be able to sell all of the 250 CD-roms we were planning to produce. Since then we have sold nearly 10 times as many! And we sold them all over the world; from Japan to Singapore, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, to name but a few countries where one or more CD-roms have ended up.

The third edition of the 4allTeX CD-rom which was produced in 1995 was a double CD-rom because everything simply would not fit on one disk anymore. This double CD-rom broke all records. In two years time about 4000 copies were sold world-wide.

We are overwhelmed by the success of this project that started out as a service to the members of the NTG, the Dutch language oriented TeX Users Group. We sincerely hope this fourth edition is going to be just as successful as the first three releases were.

We wish you a lot of pleasure and success with the tools and information provided on both disks.

Wietse Dol
Erik Frambach

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