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TeX and all its companions offer an enormous number of possibilities. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that almost anything is possible; the disadvantage is that you need detailed knowledge of all related programs to fully exploit the possibilities.

The workbench 4TeX is an attempt to integrate all major TeX related programs in a shell that shields you from the tedious and frustrating job of setting environment variables and program parameters. 4TeX runs on ms-dos but can also run in `dos box' on os/2, Linux or MS-Windows. When running under Windows 95/NT 4TeX will use 32 bits Windows programs where possible.

4TeX includes the following tools (amongst others): TeX & Metafont compilers, previewers, a spell-checker, bibTeX, MakeIndex, TeXcad, QFig, graphics convertors such as HP2xx, BM2font, Metapost and Ghostscript, text convertors such as WP2LaTeX and troff2TeX. Note that all programs used by 4TeX are either free software or shareware.

Naturally, there is online help, and all functions are available through simple menu choices.

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