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4.9 The Metafont format menu 

This menu appears after choosing MFformat from the Utilities menu of the main 4TeX menu (see Figure 4.16).  
Figure 4.16Metafont format menu

[E] Edit printer definitions
The file ?:\emtex\metafont\mfinput\local.mf contains the printer definitions used by Metafont to generate the printer fonts. The file ?:\emtex\metafont\mfjob\modes.mfj contains several directory settings, path and environment definitions needed to run Metafont for several predefined printers (see the 4TeX printer list in Section 6.6). When you have changed a printer definition or added a new printer, you need to generate new Metafont format files (e.g., for use with automatic font generation).

[F] generate MetaFont Format
runs INI-Metafont to generate the specified format(s).

[L] show Log file
If Metafont detects errors, they are written in a logfile. Use this option to view the logfile.

[O] change emTeX Options
4TeX automatically sets the options for the Metafont compilers (see Figure 4.17). Warning: it is not recommended to change them, unless you have studied the documentation very carefully.  

Figure 4.17Options for the Metafont format menu

[R] Return to main menu
leaves the Metafont menu and return to the main menu. An equivalent key is [Esc].

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