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5.1 The editors 

4TeX works in combination with any ascii editor. The installation script gives you a list of editors from which you can pick your favorite. If you choose an editor of the TSE (The Semware Editor) family (TSE junior 4.0, TSE 2.5 or TSE 2.8 you can benifit from several extra features. TSE Junior 4.0 is a shareware editor, formerly known as Qedit (the executable is still called q.exe). TSE 2.5, the professional version with more features and a much more powerful macro language. On the CD-rom you will find a "test drive" version, which is fully functional but will remind of its status now and then. TSE 2.8 is the 32 bits version of TSE 2.5 and only runs on MS-Windows 95 and NT. Most notable extras are its support for `long file names', the Windows clipboard and syntax highlighting. There is a "test drive" version of 2.8 available, but you will have to install it yourself because it is time-limited: after 60 days it stops working.

For these editors 4TeX supports a set a macros that we will discuss below.

In TSE Junior 4.0 [F1] invokes a help screen which shows the meaning of the most important keys. In TSE 2.x on pressing [F1] a menu appears, containing submenus on general as well as 4TeX subjects. Below we describe the specific 4TeX features of both editors. Unless stated otherwise they work in both editors.

TeX-specific commands:

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