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8.2 Shareware 

You may use shareware software for an evaluation period, usually 21 to 30 days. The purpose of this evaluation period is to allow you to determine whether the program meets your needs before purchasing it. Once the evaluation period has ended, you agree to either purchase a registered copy of the program, or to stop using it. If you have ordered a registered copy of the program from a dealer, you may continue to use your shareware copy beyond the end of the evaluation period until your registered copy arrives. Note that when the evaluation period ends a program may stop working or may start nagging you more and more.

While you are evaluating the program, you may use it on as many computers as are required to perform your evaluation. Your evaluation period begins when you first install the program on one or more computers for evaluation purposes.

You may make copies of shareware programs to give to others, as long as you include all of the files that you originally received with your shareware copy, as listed in the documention file included with your shareware copy. When you give a shareware copy of the program to another person, you agree to inform them that their copy is to be used for a time limited evaluation period, and that they must purchase a registered copy if they continue to use the program once the evaluation period has ended. You agree not to sell shareware copies of the program or distribute them to others for any kind of compensation or fee.

Note that distribution sets of all freeware and shareware programs supported by 4TeX can be found on the second CD-rom in directory \DISTRIB.

The 4TeX workbench uses the shareware programs described in the table below. described in Table 8.2.  

Table 8.2Shareware software
Shareware software
Program Author(s) Description
4dos JP Software Inc. replacement of standard command interpreter
ACDSee ºD.S. Hopper Windows graphics viewer/convertor
gws Alchemy Mindworksdisplay/print/convert . . .  bitmap pictures
Cshow CompuShow view bitmap pictures
ConvDW CrossCourt Systemsconvert DisplayWritefiles to TeX
HTMLcon S. Township convert html to ascii
Makury Draw ºMakury Software draw pictures
mma2ltx G. Ghibó convert Mathematica picture to LaTeX
Paintshop Pro ºJasc, Inc. bitmap graphics program

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