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1.9 TeX and its users 

It is unknown how many people use (La)TeX, and for what purposes. We know, however, that it is used all over the world, to typset

The user groups 

We also know that many users have organized themselves into user groups1 to start with the original TeX Users Group (tug), and more recently as the so-called LUGs - local users groups. The Dutch speaking people are organized since 1988 as the ntg, Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep, that is the Dutch language-oriented TeX Users Group.

World-wide some 7 500-10 000 users are organized.

The benefits of being organized, apart from cooperation and sharing in general, are

Moreover, the user groups stimulate and support research and development, such as the projects: TeXHaX, BibTeX, and more recently LaTeX3, and nts. From the social side we have the tug and EuroTeX bursary funds, to grant attendence for a tug or EuroTeX meeting for those who can't afford it, next to tug's Knuth Scholarship award. The latter is a competition that rewards the winner with attending a tug meeting for free.


Add-ons have been provided by the user communities. They have also supplied mutual support, and have provided logistic facilities. The latter is not restricted to (La)TeX proper. It is about the general use of the electronic networks

Really, very nice goodies! The proper add-ons concern And the end is not yet in sight.

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