The 4TEXSET.BAT file

Every time 4TeX starts a MS-DOS session it will actually start a 4DOS session (with startup parameters specified in the 4TEX.INI file). Most of the 4TeX batch files used to perform tasks will read the 4TEXSET.BAT file. This file contains environment settings that are often used or needed by programs. Below all environment variables are explained. Assuming that D:\ is the 4TeX CD-rom drive and that the 4TeX system files are stored in C:\WINDOWS, the 4TEXSET.BAT file contains the following environment settings:
This environment variable is used by programs to specify the directory where temporary files are stored
This environment variable is used by some programs to specify the directory where temporary files are stored
All the 4TeX batch files will start by clearing the screen (the batch command CLS), 4DOS offers you the option of clearing the screen with a specified foreground and background color. In this case, a CLS will mean clear the screen with a BLUE background and bright white letters (foreground). This option will only work if you run a true DOS-box (see variable RunDosWindow in 4TEX.INI) and not in the console output window.
Specifies where the 4DOS command interpreter is located. On Windows 95/98 4TeX will use 4DOS.COM, on NT it will use 4NT.EXE.
set 4DEBUG=
It is sometimes useful to have some debug information of the 4TeX batch files you are running: 4DEBUG=0 means insert a PAUSE (i.e., ask user to press a key) at the end of the batch file. 4DEBUG=1 means issue an "ECHO on" command at the beginning of the batch file. 4DEBUG=2 means both "PAUSE" and "ECHO on".
set START=start
Specifies how 4TeX should start Windows programs. Usually the standard "start" command is used.
set MODE=ljfour
Specify the printer mode for the Web2C TeX distribution (used for automatic font generation)
When using DVIWIN 2.9 the fonts are stored in a Font Library file (FLI file). The name of the FLI file will be the name of the MODE. FLIDIR specifies the directory where the FLI file is stored.
Specifies the root directory of the Web2C TeX distribution.
Specifies the directory where the 4TeX BTM batch files are stored
Used by Web2C TeX distribution to indicate where the TEXMF.CNF files are stored
Directory where all kind of (Windows/TeX) programs are stored
set KILL=Juan.PFE32.dviwin.gsview
When 4TeX exits, you may want some other programs to exit as well. In this case the programs LaTeX Mac, PFE editor, DVIWIN 2.9 and GSView are "killed".
NB: this option is only used if the parameter QuitUseBTM is set to 1 in the 4TEX.INI file. If QuitUseBTM=0 then the programs (classes) specified in the KillProcesses parameter of the 4TEX.INI file are "killed".
set TEXEDIT=D:\BIN\WIN32\PFE\PFE32.exe /g%d %s
This variable is used when compiling (running TeX) and pressing the "e" after an error occurred, i.e. it will start the editor with the file containing the error and jump to the line where the error occurred
set PFE=D:\TEX\WIN32\PFE\PFE32.exe
Specifies where to find the PFE editor