Metafont menu

The "MF file" edit box or associated button will open a file dialog to ask which metafont file you want to edit, change, run ...

In the "Options" edit box you can enter options for the Metafont program. For available options press the button with the question mark. This will show the manual page of METAFONT.EXE, which summarizes all available options.

The "Run Metafont" button will start Metafont with the options specified in the "Options" edit box and with the font specified by the "MF file" field.

The "Show log file" button will start the editor and shows the log file created by Metafont. This file contains all remarks and error messages produced during compilation, and shown on the screen.

In case you use the MFtoEPS package written by B. Jackowski, P. Pianowski and M. Rycko, you may want to extract the Encapsulated PostScript code that was written in the log file. Pressing "Extract EPS" button will extract all .EPS files from the log file.

In case you use the MFtoEPS package, and you have extracted the .EPS files you may want to view them on screen to check the results. This is done by clicking the "View EPS" button.

Clicking the "Edit" button will start the editor with the MF file specified in the "MF file" edit box.

The "Quit" button will quit the Metafont menu.