Other tools

Select and show manual page
This tool will open a file dialog and you can specify which PDF document (or PS or Windows help file) you want to see. After selecting the document GSview/Ghostscript will be used to display the document.
Select and show Windows help file
This tool will open a file dialog and you can specify which windows help file (or PS or PDF document) you want to see. After selecting the document the help file will be displayed.
Regenerate the LS-R file(s)
The Web2C TeX implementation uses index files (LS-R files) to quickly find where file are located. Sometimes you need to regenerate these index files (for better performance). This tool will do this for you.
GNUplot is a general plotting program written by C. Kelly and T. Williams. It is capable off plotting curves from mathematical expressions, or from data files. It can export pictures in a variety of ways. Most important for TeX users are EPS (PostScript) and the LaTeX picture environment.
For LaTeX users the program LaTeXcad by John Leis might be interesting. It is a powerful drawing program that can output a LaTeX picture environment, that can be included in any LaTeX document with little effort. Note that the LATEXCAD.STY is required to compile such a picture (i.e. the command \usepackage{LATEXCAD} needs to be added to the preamble of the main file).
IrfanVIew graphic viewer
A freeware graphic viewer that can view/convert many popular bitmap graphics.
PaintShop Pro graphic viewer
If you want to manipulate the bitmap pictures (e.g. resizing the picture or color reduction), you can for instance use the shareware program PaintShop Pro.
Mayura Draw
This program is another fine drawing program, written by Mayura Software. It can output ("export'') pictures in EPS, TIFF, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Illustrator, BMP bitmap and Windows Metafile WMF. Note that if Adobe Type Manager is not installed on your system, the program will warn you that you will not be able to use text in your pictures. All other drawing tools will work, though.
Store all PK files into one fli file (DVIWIN)
Since the DVIWIN 2.9 DVI file previewer doesn't support the TDS directory structure, fonts are generated and stored in a special directory (only when using DVIWIN). To save diskspace you can store these fonts into a Font Library File (FLI). This tool will do it automatically for you.
Syntax Check (Lacheck/ChkTeX)
With these programs you can check your LaTeX/TeX file on syntax errors. This is useful since compiling the document takes a lot of time as compared to syntax checking only. Running TeX, it will not only check the syntax but also does the (beautiful) text setting/layout. Use the warning/error messages to update your document before running TeX.
LaTeX Wizard
This program makes it easy to generate a LaTeX framework with all the options you need.
Windows explorer
This option will start the windows file explorer.