How to order the 4allTeX CD-ROM


You can orderd directly from the NTG with an order form
Price for 4allTeX including paper manual: 60 Dutch guilders
Price for 4allTeX without paper manual: 30 Dutch guilders
Price for 4allTeX paper manual only: 30 Dutch guilders

(we do not publish exchange rates here, they fluctuate too much)

Ordering info from NTG

Currently not available. Sorry.

Ordering from local TeX User Groups

Perhaps a local TeX User Group near you is also (re)selling 4allTeX. The price could be different! So please contact your local user group first, or contact the NTG! North Americans can order from the TeX User Group TUG. The address is:
TeX Users Group
Lena Mohajerin
Office Manager, TeX Users Group
P.O. Box 2311
Portland OR 97208-2311

shipping address:
1466 Naito Parkway
Suite 3141
Portland OR 97209-2820

phone; +1 503 223-9994
fax:   +1 503 223-3960
email: tug@tug.org

Some resellers

Notes about all resellers: Pricing could be different, ask the reseller for shipping charges, they depend on country.
Netherlands : Computercollectief
              Amstel 312
              1017 AP Amsterdam
              phone +31 20 6223573
              fax   +31 20 6226668
              Please send a FAX before ordering
              Computercollectief welcomes Master/Visa cards
            : Athenaeum Boekhandel
              Spui 14 - 16
              1012 XA Amsterdam
              phone +31 20 6233933
              fax   +31 20 6384901
              Please send a FAX before ordering
              Athenaeum welcomes Master/Visa cards.
              American Express ONLY at the shop counter, not on mail/fax order

    Belgium : Het Computerwinkeltje
              M. Sabbestraat 39
              B-2800 Mechelen
              phone +32 15 206645
              fax   +32 15 207332
              Please send a FAX before ordering
              Het Computerwinkeltje welcomes Master/Visa cards

    Germany : Lehmanns Buchhandlung
              Hardenbergstr. 11
              10623 Berlin
              phone +49 30 61791121
              fax   +49 30 61791160
              e-mail info@lehmanns.de


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