4TeX, 4Spell, and 4Project are freeware, in the sence that anyone can use it without any charge. You are encouraged to send remarks and request to the 4TeX team. They will try and give the support you need.

It is stricktly forbidden to distribute any of the programs written by the 4TeX team on CD-rom without permission of the 4TeX team. It is also forbidden to distribute 4TeX, 4Spell, and 4Project with other software for commercial purposes. If you want to use 4TeX, 4Spell, or 4Project as an additional tool for your own commercial sofware you need written permission of the 4TeX team. 4TeX was made to promote TeX, this means that when you can give arguments that your product will positively influence the TeX world and you (freely) contribute to the TeX world as well, the 4TeX team will have no problems with granting you permission to redistribute 4TeX, 4Spell, and 4Project.

March 1999,

The 4TeX team:
Wietse Dol
Erik Frambach

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