The "Files" tabsheet will show a tree of all the files that are scanned (shown by a book icon) and all the graphics that are included (i.e. specified by IncludegraphicsMark and shown by a camera icon). The options of the graphics (often the size of the graphic) is given within brackets after the filename of the graphic. If a file or graphic doesn't exist a red cross over the icon is shown. This makes it easy to see which file or graphic is missing and has to be generated. If you click on a file in the tree the editor (specified by the Editor parameter) is opened and the file is loaded. If you press on a graphic a graphic viewer is opened and the graphic is shown (the parameters GSView for PS/EPS pictures and BitmapViewer for bitmap graphics). By right-clicking on a file you will start the 4Spell spellchecker with the clicked file as input.