Stand alone usage

When you want to run 4Project as a stand alone program (not within 4TeX) you need to create a file called US_FRM.LST in the same directory as where 4PROJECT.EXE resides. This file shows a list of all TeX formats you have installed. For instance the file could look like:
LaTeX 2e
Plain TeX
Plain e-TeX
   ETEX.EXE &plain-etex
Plain pdfTeX
   PDFTEX.EXE &plain-pdftex
This file structure is basic to 4TeX and in this case indicates that the odd lines contain a desciption of the TeX format that you have. The even lines indicate how 4TeX should start the specified program. If you do not create this file you can not use all the possibilities of the "Options" tabsheet. I.e. you can not generate a US_PROJ.LST file. You can create new INI sections and new format associations.