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4Spell is a 32-bit MS-Windows program for spell-checking ASCII documents. It understands plain ASCII, TeX, RTF, HTML and BibTeX. It supports multiple "codepages" for e.g. east European languages or for Russian. 4Spell can be configured in almost every respect, so you can make it understand other ASCII based tagged files as well, or change the way it handles e.g. LaTeX documents.

4Spell is distributed under the GNU license restrictions.

To install 4Spell 1.2 you need the following files:

  1. setup.exe
  2. 4spell.zip
  3. unzip.exe
  4. At least one of the language dictionairies:
  5. If you use Internet Explorer 3.02 or less you probably can't use the new Windows help file format (they changed from RTF based help files to HTML based help). You can either install the newest version of the Internet Explorer or download/copy the HTMLhelp.zip file. The installation program will test if you can use the new help format, if not it will install the HTML files from HTMLhelp.zip.

Installation is very simple: just run SETUP.EXE

You don't like 4Spell? Well, then you can uninstall 4Spell by running SETUP.EXE again and check the uninstall option.

Enjoy 4Spell!

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