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7.6 LaTeX Mac 

LaTeX Mac is an MS-Windows program that can make writing a TeX file more wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get). This progam, written by J.M. Aguirregabiria offers several `toolbars' with e.g., all mathematical operators or all Greek symbols. By `clicking' on e.g., a Greek lambda the program will insert the TeX code \lambda in your text. Likewise, it can insert complete LaTeX environments, and more. Text is inserted at the current cursor position, so beware that the cursor in your editor is at the right position when you choose an item from LaTeX Mac's toolbar.

Note that LaTeX Mac can only communicate with your editor after you have told LaTeX Mac what your editor is. You can pick an application that LaTeX Mac will write to from the output destination selector. Note also that you editor itself does not need to be a Windows editor. In fact, keys can be pasted into any application.

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