BibTeX menu

This menu presents the options that have to do with maintaining the .BIB database files and running BibTeX.

The "Bibliography" edit box, or associated button will open a file dialog and you can select a BibTeX bibliography file.

In the "Options" edit box you can enter options for the BibTeX program. For available options press the button with the question mark. This will show the manual page of BIBTEX.EXE, which lists all available options.

The "Run BibTeX" button will run the program BIBTEX.EXE to automatically make a list of references used in your document.

The "Show log file" button will start the editor and shows the log file created by BibTeX. This file contains all remarks and error messages produced during compilation, and shown on the screen.

The "Edit bib file" button will start to edit the selected "BibTeX file" with the aid of the selected BibTeX editor (see Options menu).

The "Quit" button will quit the BibTeX menu.