Command file

A command file contains a list of commands that are skipped during spell-checking. Not only the command is skipped, but also text that is specified between a "begincommand" and "endcommand" string. The command file is format dependent. For the format "TEX" the file TEXCOMMANDS.4SPELL is used (the filename syntax is: "format"COMMANDS.4SPELL). This file could look like this:

\type      {    }
\label     {    }
\url       |    |
\path      |    |

Note that \label is the TeX command that is skipped, "{" is the "begincommand" string, and "}" is the "endcommand" string (all three are separated by at least one space). The consequence of this definition is that in your text you can type "Hello word\label{this is a label} how are you", and when running 4Spell the text "\label{this is a label}" is skipped and colored by the command color.