Environment file

An environment file contains a list of environments that are skipped during spell-checking. The text that is specified between a "begincommand" and an "endcommand" string are skipped. The environment file is format dependent. For the format TEX, the file TEXENVIRONMENTS.4SPELL is used (filename syntax is: "format"ENVIRONMENTS.4SPELL). This file could look like this:

\\[                     ]
%begin{SkippSpell}      %end{SkippSpell}
\begin{verbatim}        \end{verbatim}

Note that the second environment is nothing more than two TeX comments that will ensure that text that is placed between these two comments is not spell-checked. This can be useful for e.g. citations in a different language than your main text.

An example of an environment that is skipped: in the line "Hello world\\[2cm]How are you?" the environment \\[2cm] is skipped. Another example:

De Nederlandse taal is voor velen een vreemde taal.

The second line is not spell-checked. Environments are colored by the environment color.