Mathematics file

A mathematics file contains a list of mathematical environments that are skipped during spell-checking. The text that is specified between a "begincommand" and an "endcommand" string are skipped. The mathematics file is format dependent. For the format TEX the file TEXMATHENVIRONMENTS.4SPELL is used (the filename syntax is: "format"MATHENVIRONMENTS.4SPELL). This file could look like this:

\[                     \]
\(                     \)
\begin{equation}       \end{equation}
\begin{equation*}      \end{equation*}
\begin{math}           \end{math}
\begin{eqnarray}       \end{eqnarray}
\begin{eqnarray*}      \end{eqnarray*}
\begin{displaymath}    \end{displaymath}

The first column indicates the begin environment command and the second column the end environment command. This means that the text:

is completely skipped when spell-checking your document. The mathematics will be colored by the mathematics color.

N.B. Not only mathematical environments are skipped and colored. Also TeX text between a dollar signs is used to indicate mathematics. E.g. $X+Y$ and $$X + Y$$ are examples of TeX mathematics. You can switch this option off by unchecking the "Skip mathematics" field in the "Format" tab sheet.