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1.12 Trends 

Adobe has been the trendsetter of the last decade with respect to new ep technologies.

I believe that the multi-media information technology will take off in the next century. Much is known under the buzzword hypertext. See the special issue of the Communications of the ACM for an introductory survey. As a TeXie it is fun to ponder about what niche there will be for TeX. At the various TUG meetings people are concerned about the future of TeX and share their doubts and optimisms. From that the following anthology

and so on.

Knuth secured a future for TeX by embedding it as formatter in his cweb literate programming system. The formatting is a subtask for designing, creating and maintaining quality software. By this he addressed the audience. Definitely not the casual layman.


The demand on information technology will be that

people can access cost-effectively, and easily, from their homes the information they need in a representation they wish.
I envision that the following technologies will influence each other in realizing the stated prophecy with the functionalities Some years ago I day-dreamed about holographic-based true 3-D `displays,' as a generalization of computer-assisted interactive TV. Science-fiction? Wait and see, or better hang on and make it happen!

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