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1.5 TeX's drivers 

The drivers come with your TeX system. With the PD versions, users have to be aware of the PD available drivers for the various PCs and printers. Well-known is the PD Beebe driver family. emTeX comes with ample drivers.

At the TUG '92 meeting the attendees were surprised by Raman's paper `An audio view of (La)TeX documents.' It has all to do with representing the contents of a publication for the blind.

With respect to PostScript the DviPs driver is important. At this level epsf - encapsulated PostScript - figures can be included.

Formerly, I also used DviToDvi in order to print out selected pages. Now I use ManMac's facility to do that which is essentially simpler for that purpose because it ships out only the required pages. Modern drivers such as DviPS and emTeX are also able to print out selected pages.

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