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8.1 Free software 

Free software is software free of charge and may be used by anyone who wishes to, including commercial/educational environments. However, you are not allowed to change the software in any way, to remove the copyright statement, to sell the programs, or bundle it with other commercial goods. You may give them to anyone you like, but only in their original form with the complete documentation.

In some cases software is free only for non-commercial and/or educational use. You should always read the documentation to make sure your particular use is in accordance with the licensing statement of that piece of software.

The 4TeX Workbench uses the free software programs described in Table 8.1.  

Table 8.1Free software
Free software
Program Author(s) Description
abc.exe A. Merckens split file into separate files according to the word initials, used with amspell.exe
amspell.exe A. Merckens ascii / TeX spell-checker
ansi.com M. Mefford emulate ansi functions for screen and keyboard
asc2tex.exe T. Götz translate ascii screen dump to LaTeX picture environment
asc2wp.exe G. Johannsen translate ascii files with `hard returns' to `soft returns' for WordPerfect input
b5conv.exe W. Lemberg preprocess raw Big-5 text to CJK
bibclean.exe N. Beebe clean/check bibTeX files
[w]bibdb.exe E. Doron BibTeX database manager
bibtex[32].exe O. Patashnik E. Mattes' MS-Dos version of BibTeX
bm2font.exe F. Sowa converts bitmap graphics in TeX fonts
bounding.exe 4U finds bounding box in PS and EPS files
change.exe B. Guthrie replace strings in text files
chi2tex.exe I. Zakharevich convert ChiWriter files to TeX
chi2ltx.exe M. Gomulinski convert ChiWriter files to LaTeX
concopy.exe C. Dunford run a program and direct screen output both to standard output and a file
crlf.exe K. Hartnegg change CarriageReturn in CarriageReturn + LineFeed
detex.exe D. Trinkle strip TeX commands from a .tex file
dvi2tty.exe S. Lindahl convert DVI file to formatted ascii text
dvi5x0.exe F. Sowa print DVI file on HP DeskJet 500 series color printers
dvidvi.exe Radical Eye Software pagination tricks for .dvi files
dvi[h]ps*.exe Radical Eye Software print DVI file on PostScript printer
dvivgac.exe F. Sowa view DVI file prepared for HP color DeskJet printer on VGA screen
dvitomp.exe J. Hobby part of the Metapost program
emTeX E. Mattes TeX compilers, dvi-drivers, Metafont
emx.exe E. Mattes DOS memory extender using VCPI
expand_i.exe 4U expand dictionaries of Ispell, used with amSpell
filt.exe L.G. Institut Fourier convert 8 bits ascii text to TeX code and vice versa
gawk.exe Aho - Kernigham - Weinberger pattern processing language
[w]gnuplot.exe C. Kelly and T. Williams plotting program
grep.com Borland International search for strings in text files
gs[386].exe Aladdin Enterprises print/display PostScript files on non-PostScript devices
gsview32.exe Russell Lang display PostScript files
hp2xx.exe H. Werntges view/convert/print HPGL pictures
html2lat.exe N. Torkington convert LaTeX to html
i_view.exe I. Skiljan Windows graphics viewer
inclist.exe 4U trace all input and include statements in a TeX file
kill.exe L. Kahn kill Windows processes
latexcad.exe John Leis draw pictures
latex.hlp T. Martinsen Windows help file on LaTeX
latexmac.exe J.M. Aguirregabiria paste LaTeX commands to editor
mkidx32.exe P. Chen MS-Dos version of the LaTeX makeindex program
mp.exe J. Hobby the Metapost program (also dvitomp.exe and mptotex.exe)
mptotex.exe J. Hobby part of the Metapost program
midi2tex.exe H. Kuykens convert midi files to musicTeX
musixflx.exe D. Taupin & R. Mitchell improve musicTeX output
nospace.exe 4U remove trailing blanks from a text file
numoff.com ?? turn keyboard `numlock' off
opera.exe E. Young WWW browser
pcltomsp.exe E. Mattes convert PCL files to MSP or PCX
pcwtex.exe J. Breen convert PCwrite files to LaTeX
ps.exe L. Kahn show Windows processes
ps2pk.exe P. Tutelaers produce .pk files from PostScript fonts
qfig.exe W. Ofosu-Amach & L. Ben-Brahim graphics drawing program for (La)TeX
qe32.exe J. Maddock Windows editor
rsx.exe R. Schnitker DOS memory extender using DPMI
rtflatex.exe D. Taupin convert RTF text to LaTeX
selektie.exe 4U file selection program
sort.exe T. Ohl sort files
spatieer.exe 4U add a space between a persons initials and name, used for BibTeX database files
spcomp.exe A. Merckens compress dictionary files for use with amSpell
spdecomp.exe A. Merckens decompress dictionary files for use with amSpell
strpcrlf.exe K. Hartnegg convert MS-Dos text to Unix or MacIntosh format
t1binary.exe L. Hetherington convert PostScript .pfa font file to .pfb format
tex4ht.exe E. Gurari convert TeX to html
texcad.exe G. Horn drawing program for LaTeX documents
texchk.exe J. Massar check LaTeX file for correct syntax
texutil.exe H. Hagen solve references for ConTeXt format
tgrind.exe ?? convert ascii program listing to TeX
ttb.exe U. Fastenrath convert tib bibliography files to BibTeX
untex.exe M. Staats strip TeX commands from a .tex file
unzip386.exe Adler - Wales - Gailly - Rommel decompress `zipped' archives
viewpcl.exe 4U view PCL pictures
wordlist.exe 4U list words in TeX files
wd2latex.exe C.J. Thomas convert MS-Word files to LaTeX
wp2latex.exe R.C. Houtpen, G. Geers, and M. Covingtonconvert WordPerfect 5.1 text files to LaTeX files
wp2x.exe ?? convert WordPerfect 4.2 text files to TeX or LaTeX

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