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8.3 Editors 

4TeX offers you an extensive choice of editors that we think are very suitable for writing your TeX files.

The installation script allows you to select an editor, but on the CD-roms you will find even more editors. Here is a list of all editors included.  

Table 8.3Editors
Editor Author(s) Runs on*Free/shareware
Aurora 3.0 nuText Systems D S
Breeze 5.6 K. Solway D S
Eddi4TeX 2.01 U. Jahnz D S
EditPad 3.02 J. Goyvaerts W F
Emacs 19.34 ??? W F
GWD Text Editor 1.5V. Gaco W S
Multi-Edit 7.00j ºAmerican Cybernetics, Inc.D/W F
NotGNU 1.7 J. Melbin D/W F
OEmacs 19.30 ??? D F
Pedit 2.0 P. Brand D F
PFE 7.001 A. Phillips W F
Prolix 2.0 E. Schreiber W F
QuickEdit 1.1 J. Maddock W F
Redit 2.10 M. Rogalla D F
Super NoteTab 2.63 E. Fookes W F
TE 0.7 P. Swatzki D F
TSE Junior 4.0 Semware Inc. M S
TSE 2.5 Semware Inc. M "testdrive"
TSE 2.8 Semware Inc. W "testdrive"
Vedit 4.0 J. O'D Rooney D S
WinEdt 1.4 A. Simonic W S
Zeus 2.50 J. Jumppanen W S

* D stands for MS-Dos; W stands for MS-Windows 95 or NT.

On the first CD-rom you will find pre-installed versions of many of these editors in directory \EDITORS. You can find complete distribution sets of all these editors on the second CD-rom in directory \DISTRIB\EDITORS.

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