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9.2 Mailing lists 

Many of the user groups listed above communicate through E-mail, by means of mailing lists. A mailing list is an electronic mail system that anyone can subscribe to. All mail that is posted to the list is automatically distributed to all subscribers. These lists are often used to ask for help and to discuss problems, new developments etc.

Here is a list of some active mailing lists:

E-mail: tex-l@frulm11.bitnet
E-mail: texhax-l@jpnksci.bitnet
E-mail: tex-d-l@dearn.bitnet
E-mail: tex-nl@nic.surfnet.nl
E-mail: uktex@frulm11.bitnet
E-mail: 4tex@nic.surfnet.nl

You can subscribe to a mailing list by sending a message to the list server,
or (if you know) where the list is maintained, e.g., listserv@frulm11.bitnet. The message should contain just one line:
 subscribe tex-nl Foo Bar
where `Foo Bar' is your real name. Note that you should not send your request for subscription to, e.g. tex-nl@nic.surfnet.nl, because this is the mailing list itself. In that case your request would be distributed to all subscribers, which will not be appreciated.

Once your request has been accepted you will receive an introductional greeting mail, explaining how to use the list.

To give you an impression of what kind of discussions you can expect on certain mailing lists we have included messages from several lists on the second CD-rom (directory \DIGESTS). Of course these can also be helpful in finding solutions to problems you are having, and which have already been discussed (and hopefully solved) on these lists.

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