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4.5 The MakeIndex menu 

This menu appears after choosing MakeIndex from the Utilities menu of the main 4TeX menu (see Figure 4.11). See Section 7.2 for more information on how to make an index using the program MakeIndex and how to generate multiple indices.  
Figure 4.11MakeIndex menu

We assume again that the main TeX file is book.tex. Moreover, we assume that all \index commands are placed in the file book.tex or files included by book.tex.

[E] Edit index file
loads the file book.ind that was created by a MakeIndex (see below) into the editor. Corrections can now be made manually. Remember that these alterations are discarded each time MakeIndex is run.

[M] run Makeindex
runs MakeIndex to create the index file book.ind. If this file is included in the document book.tex the index will be created on re-compilation of book.tex.

[L] show Logfile
shows the logfile created by MakeIndex. This file contains all remarks and error messages shown on the screen. Under MS-Dos it is displayed using the internal 4dos command list. Press [Esc] to quit. Under Windows 95/NT it is displayed using QuickEdit.

[G] Generate word list
generates the ascii file book.wrd that contains an alphabetically sorted list of all words in the file book.tex. All \input and \include statements will be traced. This file can be of help in deciding what should be in the index and how it should be organized. It is also used for automated indexing with the TSE editor (see Chapter 5.1).

[W] edit Word list
loads the file book.wrd that was generated by Generate word list into the editor to view, edit or print.

[X] change file eXtensions
By default MakeIndex will compile book.ind from the input file book.idx. However, if you defined multiple indexes (e.g., a `Subject index' and an `Author index') by means of the LaTeX style file index.sty, you will want to compile e.g., book.sdx and book.adx. For that reason you can choose from file extensions .idx or .*dx. In the latter case all files matching book.*dx will be compiled to book.*nd (see Section 7.2).

[O] change makeindex Options
changes options for the MakeIndex program (see Figure 4.12). MakeIndex support several styles of index generating, e.g., the ordering and the way page ranges are handled can be changed.  

Figure 4.12Help screen for options for MakeIndex

[R] Return to main menu
returns to the main 4TeX menu. Equivalent keys are [Q] and [Esc].

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