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Chapter 4 4TeX menus 

Let us assume that you want to start working on the first chapter of a new book. At the command line you type After a few seconds, in which 4TeX does some book-keeping, a screen similar to that in Figure 4.1 appears.  
Figure 4.1Main menu

[F1] is the general help key. The result of pressing this key depends on which options are installed. For each command in the main menu (and also in the other menus) there is also more specific help. The way to activate it is to press the [Alt] key in combination with the highlighted key in the name of the command. For example, to get help on the change Main TeX file command, press [Alt][M] . After pressing the general help key [F1] , it is also possible to view all specific help screens that go with the current menu. Use [PgUp] and [PgDn] to browse, any other key to exit from the help system.

   4.1 The main menu
      4.1.1 Shortcuts and extras
   4.2 The output menu
   4.3 The BibTeX menu
   4.4 The graphics menu
   4.5 The MakeIndex menu
   4.6 The conversion menu
   4.7 The Fontlib menu
   4.8 The format menu
   4.9 The Metafont format menu
   4.10 The MFjob menu
   4.11 The Metafont menu
   4.12 The Metapost menu
   4.13 The Install PostScript font menu
   4.14 The Install PostScript font family menu

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