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4.7 The Fontlib menu 

This menu appears after choosing Fontlib from the Utilities menu of the main 4TeX menu (see Figure 4.14). Normally DVI-drivers use PK fonts to print/view your document. With emTeX it is possible to store several PK bitmap fonts into one font library (fli file). A font library takes less space than the bitmap fonts and does not flood your directories with many fonts. This simplifies your directories setup (see also Section 3.5.5).  
Figure 4.14Fontlib menu

[N] change font library Name
specifies a new font library name. This file will be used to store all selected TeX fonts (.pk).

[P] change font library Path
clears the field font library path and another subdirectory can be chosen. Select a directory where the font library file can be found or the new font library file will be written. The fonts are found in the font path and all its subdirectories. The font path directory is determined by the printer selected in the output menu. If you enter a directory name with wildcards (or an empty one) 4TeX will display a list of all directories that satisfy the wildcard specification. By using the cursor keys you can select the directory you want. Using this approach you do not have to type the whole directory name (correctly) but only a few letters are often enough. Press [Esc] to restore the directory name to the old setting.

[A] add All fonts in font path and subdirectories
All .pk fonts in the font path directory and its subdirectories are stored in the font library. The stored fonts are deleted from the directories and any empty directories are removed.

[S] add Selected fonts from font path and subdirectories
selects the fonts you want to store in the font library. The [+] key will select/mark a font to store in the library, [-] will unselect/unmark a font to store. Press the [Esc] key if you do not want to select any font. You can select a single file by moving the scroll bar to the filename and pressing the [Enter] key without marking any other files. The stored (.pk) fonts are deleted from the directories and empty directories are removed.

[U] Unpack library into subdirectories of font path
unpacks the selected font library. Subdirectories named after the (rounded) resolution (e.g. 518dpi) of fonts are automatically made in the font library path specified by the variable MYFONTS in the file texuser.<os>.

[L] List fonts in font library
makes a listing of all the fonts in the selected font library (see also Section 6.5).

[T] Test integrity of font library
tests the integrity of the font files in the selected font library, i.e. if the files stored in the font library are valid .pk files, that can be used for viewing/printing your documents.

[R] Return to menu
leaves the fontlib menu and return to the main menu. Equivalent keys are [Esc] and [Q].

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