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1.8 TeX and its author 

Don Knuth started the design of TeX in 1978. The first major revison dates back to 1982. The final version is dated 1989, and called TeX version p. Essentially this is version 3, but because reality has it that even Knuth `makes mistakes' he allows for adjusted versions denoted by the decimals of p: 3.1, 3.14, 3.141, et cetera.

It is all a side-step(!) of his magnus opus: The Art of Computer Programming, of which three volumes have appeared of the envisioned seven. Because of the rapid development in computer science volume four consists of three books already.

In designing and developing TeX, Knuth adhered to several software engineering paradigms like: portability, flexibility, robustness, and not to forget correctness and documentation. In order to do this gracefully he coined the words literate programming, and provided en-passant tools for practical use! In fact TeX is a real-life and significant example of literate programming.

In designing TeX he adopted and developed the following

TeX was developed as a side-step. Metafont can be seen as an off-off-spring.

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